Useful Tips on How to Get More Google Reviews

07 Nov


For a growing business, good reviews are critical. They tell a customer how good your services are hence influencing their decisions in various ways. This can apply to both good and bad reviews. Positive reviews can be sponsored or false, but no company will buy negative reviews. Therefore, public negative reviews help in showing how good the customer service is, and this will make the members of the business work harder to counter the bad reviews by validating the positive reviews. The following tips will help you get business reviews.

You should make sure that the customers can leave reviews. You should aim to educate your clients by creating a printout placed at the front desk or even creating a webpage with instructions on how to leave a review. For most people, the reason they don’t leave a review is that they don’t know-how. You should also let your customers know that you would appreciate a review. Always remember to remind the customer before they leave that they can leave a review to improve your business better. Remember to be kind when asking customers to leave a review.

Secondly, you should simplify the process of leaving reviews. You can go bullet point directions with hyper linker text or even take instructions from Google My Business since they are consistent, short, and precise. Always try to make it a simple as possible. If you have a large business, you should look into Third-party tools. These tools will help save time since managing firms or reviews from various locations can be very time-consuming. Hence, you should use third-party tools like apps or partnering with agencies to better manage our reviews.

Finally, you should respond to the reviews. This can be done by sending follow up emails in response to their reports. You should aim to write an email that tells the customer that you know who they are, and you appreciate them choosing you. Appreciation should always be followed by an explanation of why reviews are essential with a direct link for visitors to leave a review. In case of a bad review, still, accept responsibility for the problem and assure them that it will be corrected, and, in this way, you might turn a one-star review into a five-star review. The above will help you a lot when aiming for more Google reviews.
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